Course Markings

The course will be well marked with pink flags and arrows and we will have course marshals at critical turns.

Course Description

The 1/2 Marathon course is a mix of single track, double track, dirt road, and a few paved sections thrown in for good measure. The single and double track trails are mostly mildly technical with some longer stretches of more challenging technical terrain mixed in. The course rolls with a few big hills here and there. The bulk of the course is runnable.

The 5k loop is flattish with a couple of hills to keep you honest. It’s mostly dirt single track that is runnable and not too technical.

Course Map

Due to the course crossing private property, we won’t be providing a map ahead of the race; however, you can view the elevation profiles for each race below.

We’ve been able to create two awesome race courses thanks to the kindness of the various property owners who allow us to use their land on race day.

However, if this is abused by people running the course at any time other than the race, we will lose those privileges. Then, we’ll be stuck running laps around the Rec field, which nobody wants. Thank you for understanding.


Elevation for each race is:

Half – 2,037 ft
5k – 308 ft

Half Marathon


Park Map Resources

If you want to get an idea of what the race course is like without going on the private property we mentioned, it’s easy! The bulk of the race is on park property open to the public.

We use two different parks: Hudson Highlands State Park South and the Garrison School Forest.


You can find maps to the Hudson Highlands South State Park here:

Hudson Highlands South

And a map to the Garrison School Forest here:

Garrison School Forest